X20 is "Living Water"

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Living Water

"Living Water has transformed my life!" 

Dr. Donna Renfro

The pictures of Dr. Donna Renfro on the left side of "The Power of Living Water” are taken of her while she was in a hospital due to debilitating pain for her incurable headaches which she suffered with from childhood.  It was her normal to be hospitalized multiple times a year for “complex migraines” or head pain which caused her to lose her ability to walk and at times be blind.  She did not know a life without head pain until May of 2019 when she began drinking X20, also called “Living Water.” X20 is a health product sold by Xooma Worldwide. It is a sachet filled with over 70 trace minerals which you can easily drop into your water and shake. After the water has been agitated with the sachet by shaking it, it needs to be still for five minutes prior to drinking.  The X20 sachet is one of the world’s smallest water filter. The water will literally be cleaned, alkalized, and mineralized by the sachet. 

Dr. Donna Renfro made a radical change in her diet by giving up all soda, including her diet soda, which she drank daily as well as coffee.  She was living in chronic debilitating pain and was desperate for a solution.  With the knowledge being alkaline could relieve the “pressure” from her body, she removed all drinks from her diet and drank only X20 water.  The change in her life was profound.  For the first time in her life, she did not have head pressure or pain.  The pictures on the right side of “The Power of Living Water” are taken weeks and months after she is drinking X20.

Dr. Donna Renfro has an amazing testimony of how God brought answers to her medical diagnoses throughout her life.  She is permanently physically disabled.  She has experienced the power of God through prayer, medical intervention with great doctors, medications, diet changes, and drinking “Living Water” or X20. It is her desire to help spread the knowledge about “Living Water” because of the profound results she personally experienced.  Dr. Donna Renfro is fully persuaded everyone needs to be drinking X20.  For more information about Xooma, X20, or other health products please click on the green links which are located beside of her testimony.

“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you,

even as your soul is getting along well.”

3 John 1:2